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August 24, 2006

nice place for a confession


Taken a few weeks back, when hubby and me went driving around the countryside. This is a dam , sorry I forgot the name. It was so quiet and peaceful here !!

Anyway I have a confession. I recently have been thinking quitting daily photo blogging. Its been difficult sometimes for me, coz there are days that I dont even want to open my pc. I'm supposed to be on vacation but still I am ever so busy. I have other blogs but they are not daily so its not really a pressure posting nonsense there. I've confided with hubby even and he suggested I continue posting pictures but not on a daily basis. Hahhhh ( sigh !) I want to stop but I feel like Im going to betray the dp family. I feel guilty already!

Akita daily is sick, that I can tell you. Especially with this pop-ups now bugging me..whew!!
While I can't decide I will continue posting ............

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