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August 17, 2006

nature is beautiful

" The goal of life is living in agreement with nature "

Zeno 335 BC ~ 264 BC
from ... Diogenes Laertius

I am so sorry dear visitors for not posting for a couple of days ! Japan has just finished " obon " , I think its the equivalent of all souls day in other parts of the world. Time to remember and pay respects to dead ancestors . Hubby had a 5 day off from work , some got more...others none at all. Being the " chonan " or the first born son , its obligatory that we return to their ancestral home during holidays. Sadly, there's no internet or even a pc there. Yes , even if Japan is now modern and a techno leader we are still very patriarchal. And I , being a " yome san " , or bride of the chonan helped the mom in her duties....that is to prepare food and cater to the malehood and other duties.

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